Interface Arm

Represents a physical robot arm that exists in three-dimensional space.

interface Arm {
    doCommand: ((command) => Promise<StructType>);
    getEndPosition: ((extra?) => Promise<commonApi.Pose.AsObject>);
    getJointPositions: ((extra?) => Promise<armApi.JointPositions.AsObject>);
    isMoving: (() => Promise<boolean>);
    moveToJointPositions: ((jointPositionsList, extra?) => Promise<void>);
    moveToPosition: ((pose, extra?) => Promise<void>);
    stop: ((extra?) => Promise<void>);

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doCommand: ((command) => Promise<StructType>)

Send/Receive arbitrary commands to the resource.

Type declaration

getEndPosition: ((extra?) => Promise<commonApi.Pose.AsObject>)

Get the position of the end of the arm expressed as a pose

Type declaration

getJointPositions: ((extra?) => Promise<armApi.JointPositions.AsObject>)

Gets the current position of each joint.

Type declaration

isMoving: (() => Promise<boolean>)

Get if the arm is currently moving.

Type declaration

    • (): Promise<boolean>
    • Returns Promise<boolean>

moveToJointPositions: ((jointPositionsList, extra?) => Promise<void>)

Move each joint of the arm based on the angles on the joint poisitons. parameter

Type declaration

    • (jointPositionsList, extra?): Promise<void>
    • Parameters

      • jointPositionsList: number[]

        List of angles (0-360) to move each joint to.

      • Optional extra: StructType

      Returns Promise<void>

moveToPosition: ((pose, extra?) => Promise<void>)

Move the end of the arm to the pose.

Type declaration

stop: ((extra?) => Promise<void>)

Stops the motion of the arm.

Type declaration

    • (extra?): Promise<void>
    • Parameters

      Returns Promise<void>

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